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   About the life and creativity of Pirouz Dilanchi

  Pirouz Dilanchi's name in the passport is Ali, surname-Ismailfirouz, father's name Baratali. He was born in Azerbaijan family in Tehran on the 16th of May 1965 and studied there. He is a building engineer. When he was 14, his first book was published in a large edition in the persian language. During the period of his life in the town where he was born, 8 books written by him saw the light in the persian and azerbaijanian languages. His scientific, literary, social and political articles have been published in the press of the world standard as "Keyhan" and "Ettelaat" in Iran. At the age of 17 winning the literary competition held among Iranian youth he was honoured with the name "Iran's exemplary youth".
  He was arrested and tortured by totalitarian molla regime many times for his political struggle among thouse who were in the political organizations of left orientation before, and for his struggle for the national liberation later. For escaping from persecutions and pressures he came to the Soviet Azerbaijan in 1990.
  In spite of the fact that he was not allowed to live in the Soviet Azerbaijan at that time, taking into consideration official and written applications, appeals and solicitations by Anar, Nariman Hasanzade, Mammad Araz and Nabi Khazri at last KGB registered him as "a person without citizenship" 1991.
  In 1991 in the newspaper "Literature and art" he formed a department with the name "Literary Tabriz" and in a year's period in every issue one page belonged to it. Later at the initiative of Pirouz Dilanchi a number of programs with names "Araz-South literature" and "Shahriyar-South literature" were shown on Azerbaijan State Television.
  Pirouz Dilanchi is the author of the words of nearly 100 popular songs. He took an active part both in literary activity and in national-political movement. Being one of the founders of South Azerbaijan National Liberation Movement, founded in 1991, he was the leader of this organization from 1994 to 1999. When the waves of national movement spread in Tabriz, Pirouz Dilanchi bacame the first assistant of the Central Committee of this organization. At the same time he was appointed as the chairman of Baku Committee. Nowadays he works at this sacred post.
  P. Dilanchi collected about 3000 signatures in 2000 and suggested his candidacy to Azerbaijan Republic Parliament in order to participate next elections after submission necessary documents his candidacy as officially registered. Actually, there was no problem in front of P.Dilanchi from the law aspect. But few days before elections under the pressure of mafia responsible for elections Central Elections Committee ignored the registered candidacy of P.Dilanchi according to unfair and contradictional pretexts.
  P.Dilanchi was kidnapped by unknown group in front of his living house on 5 December 2002. As a result of media pressure after 21 days keeping him secretly, ultimately, Press Secretary of the Internal Affairs Minister declared about the jail of P.Dilanchi. After being kept some weeks in underground and cold camera under moral and physical cruelty, P.Dilanchi was sent to Shuvalan prison. After 38 days in prison, as he was arrested without reason, he was released under the conditions of staying at home as home prisoner. After three months, he was freed from home prison as well.

Two examples worked in Arabic from the
range of pictures of the famous handwriter of South Azerbaijan Davoud Ravasani
Two examples worked in Arabic from the
range of pictures of the famous handwriter of South Azerbaijan Davoud Ravasani

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